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    Blast down our floodlit, toboggan slope on our colourful Zibob toboggans. Pick the session type that suits you!

    Individual Spaces: 30 minute slots available to buy for as few or as many children as you like. There are 16 spaces per slot and everyone must be aged 4 to 12. Adults cannot take part in these sessions.

    Exclusive Half Slope: 30 minute slots for exclusive use of half the slope for up to 8 tobogganers. Suitable for ages 4+ with no upper age limit. This is the only option suitable for tobogganers over the age of 12.

    Exclusive Full Slope: Whole hour exclusive use of the entire slope for up to 24 tobogganers. Everyone must be aged 4 to 12.

    Important information:

    - Safety brief included prior to going on the slope
    - Gloves, long sleeve trousers and full length sleeves must be worn
    - At least one adult present for all session types
    - Slope operates in all-weather

    Once an individual space has sold on a session, that slot will no longer be available for any exclusive bookings. If half the slope is booked, the exclusive full slope will no longer be available for that time slot.

    Seasonal Toboggan Sessions
    To book Twilight Tobogganing, click here.
    To book Christmas Tobogganing, click here.

    Mendip Activity & Snowsport Centre can be found at Lyncombe Drive, Churchill. The postcode is BS25 5PQ.  

    Click here for a Google Maps link. 

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    Tobogganing is available in three different session types: 

    Individual Spaces: 30 minute slots available to buy for as few or as many children as you like. There are 16 spaces per slot and everyone must be aged 4 to 12.  Adults cannot take part in these sessions. 

    Exclusive Half Slope: 30 minute slots for exclusive use of half the slope for up to 8 tobogganers. Suitable for ages 4+ with no upper age limit. This is the only option suitable for tobogganers over the age of 12. 

    Exclusive Full Slope:
     Whole hour exclusive use of the entire slope for up to 24 tobogganers. Everyone must be aged 4 to 12. 

    Tobogganing is available 7 days a week. During term times, sessions begin from 3.30pm on weekdays. Regular toboggan sessions are unavailable between 22nd October 2021 - 2nd January 2022. During this time all sessions will be either Halloween, Christmas or Twilight Toboggan sessions. 

    Book tobogganing online here. 

    Christmas Tobogganing 

    Christmas tobogganing is available in the same 3 session types as normal tobogganing. It also includes: 

    - Santa hat & toboggan license for all tobogganers

    - Candy cane & hot chocolate for all tobogganers 

    - Festive music & snow machine 

    Christmas tobogganing is all weekend and school holiday, daytime (pre 4pm) toboggan sessions from 1st November 2021 - 2nd January 2022. Prices start from £7pp for individual spaces for 30 minutes, from £56 for exclusive use of half of the slope for up to 8 people for 30 minutes and from £224 for exclusive use of the whole slope for 1 hour for up to 24 children. 

    Click here to book Christmas Tobogganing

    Twilight Tobogganing

    Twilight tobogganing is our ultimate festive toboggan package and is always a sell out event. Twilight tobogganing is ONLY available as exclusive half hour sessions for up to 8 people. This limit includes all spectators. Twilight tobogganing includes:  

    - Santa hat & toboggan license for all tobogganers

    - Festive music, magical fairy lights and snow machine 

    - Following 30 minutes of tobogganing: 

        - Woodland campfire 

        - Marshmallow roasting 

        - Sparklers 

        - Hot chocolates & candy cane for everyone 

        - Half price family frisbee golf voucher 

    Twilight Tobogganing runs everyday after 4pm from 1st November 2021 - 2nd January 2022. 

    Click here to book Twilight Tobogganing 

    Tobogganers must wear full length sleeves, full length trousers, covered footwear (no flip flops or crocs) and a pair of full fingered gloves whilst on the slope.

    There is a light sprinkler system on the slope so you could get a little damp even if its not raining.

    We will go ahead in all weather conditions so dress for the weather and consider layers in case you get too hot.

    Please aim to arrive at least 10 minutes before your booked time. 


    Your time on the slope (30 minutes or 1 hour, dependent on booking type) will begin at your booked time. 

    If you arrive late, we will try to get you onto the toboggan slope as soon as possible however we will have to complete a safety brief and you may have to wait for a member of staff to become free. Unfortunately, we will not be able to carry your time into the next slot so please arrive in plenty of time to avoid disappointment. 

    Tobogganing is available in 3 different session types: 

    Individual toboggan spaces are available for ages 4 - 12. 

    Hour long, exclusive slope bookings is for ages 4 - 12. 

    30 minute, exclusive half slope sessions are for everyone aged 4+. 

    All tobogganers must be at least 4 years old for all session types. 

    By popular demand, we have kept the option for 12's to join in with tobogganing. Due to safety reasons, this is only available with exclusive, 30 minute, half slope bookings.  

    You can use your Toboggan voucher against individual toboggan spaces on standard tobogganing sessions. All vouchers that were valid as of the first lockdown in March 2020, have been extended for 18 months past their original 18 month expiry date. 

    If your voucher is for Tobogganing, chips and a drink, please double check the cafe opening times as it is currently operating on reduced hours. If the cafe is not available when you visit for your toboggan session, you will be issued with a voucher that can be redeemed on a future visit for chips and a drink. 

    If you would rather use toboggan vouchers towards an exclusive session or a different activity, you can use the value of your voucher towards any activity. Simply enter your voucher codes during checkout and your basket total will be discounted by the amount originally paid for your voucher(s). 

    Toboggan vouchers are not valid on Twilight Tobogganing. 

    Tobogganing goes ahead, whatever the weather! It can be even more fun in the rain. 

    There is a covered area for spectators at the top of the slope. The slope itself is not covered and we have sprinklers for when the slope is too dry, so rain just means that everyone slides faster and has more fun! 

    We always recommend dressing for the weather and bringing waterproofs or a change of clothes if it's particularly wet on the day of your tobogganing session.

    We now offer tobogganing in 3 different ways: 

    Individual Spaces 

    - 30 minute slots

    - 16 spaces per slot

    - Ages 4 - 12 only

    - Prices from £3pp per 30 minutes 

    Exclusive Half Slope- 30 minute slots
    - Exclusive use of half the slope for up to 8 people
    - Ages 4+, no upper age limit! 
    - Prices from £32 per 30 minutes
    Exclusive Full Slope- 1 hour slots
    - Exclusive use of the whole slope for up to 24 children 
    - Ages 4 - 12 only
    - Prices from £96 per hour

    Once an individual space has sold on a session that slot will no longer be available for any exclusive bookings. If half the slope is booked the exclusive full slope will no longer be available for that time slot.

    Individual toboggan vouchers and 'Toboggan, chips and a drink' vouchers can be redeemed for individual space bookings. Alternatively, the value of what was paid for toboggan vouchers, can be used against any type of booking or any of our activities.

    General FAQ's

    This ranges depending on the activity...

    Tobogganing is available for ages 4+

    Skiing is available for ages 5+

    Snowboarding is for ages 8+ (but must also have at least a size 2 feet and be 1.2m tall)

    Frisbee Golf does not have an age restriction and under 6's play for free

    Our outdoor activity sessions can be run in two ways, with different minimum ages:

    If you are booking individual spaces on an activity session, the minimum age is 8. 

    You are also able to book a session privately just for your group. If you book the session exclusively we can relax the age restriction to include children aged 6 or 7. At least one adult must take part and be included in the group if there is anyone taking part under the age of 8.  

    As an outdoor activity centre we go ahead whatever the weather! The only exception to this rule is lightning directly over the centre, which we monitor very closely. Make sure you bring a change of clothes if it's raining, wrap up warm if it's windy, and drink plenty of fluids if it's hot. Make an adventure of it!!!

    All of our activity sites have plenty of parking onsite. Parking is free of charge.

    We are very fortunate to be situated in such a stunning location set in the Mendip hills. Unfortunately, this does come with its limitations. We currently only have stair access to our slopes and cafe, and the paths leading to our onsite activities can be fairly muddy and uneven.

    Pushchairs/wheelchairs/mobility scooters may struggle depending on what part of the centre they are trying to access. 

    Please view our full accessibility statement here:

    You will receive a confirmation email from us once your booking has been made. Sometimes this email can end up in your junk folder, so please check there first if you can't find it. 

    If you can't find a confirmation email, your online booking may not have been fully completed - please check whether the session you were trying to book is still available online. If it is, please try to make the booking again. If it's not, please contact us so that we can check what's happened.

    If you've searched through our list of FAQs to see and still can't find the answer, there are a few ways you can get in touch.

    Firstly you could either:

    Click here to "Create a new support ticket" or send an email to

    Finally, if you would rather speak with one of our friendly team, you can arrange a phone call by clicking here.

    The Alpine Lounge is open: 

    Monday - Friday, 2.30pm - 8pm 

    Saturday - Sunday, 9.30am - 6pm.

    Food service stops 1 hour before close. 

    During school holidays. we are open all day. 

    We do no accept bookings for the cafe, it is walk in only. 

    Click here to see the menu. 

    Mendip Activity Centre, Mendip Lodge and Mendip Basecamp are all cashless. 

    We accept all major credit and debit cards (excluding American express).

    Yes! We have a bunkhouse right on site that is available year round and, during the Summer months, we have 2 canvas villages onsite also. 

    For full information, pricing and options please see our Education webpage here -

    Yes! Whatever your size, scale or budget, we offer bespoke team away days. 

    Take a look here for more info - 

    We have 2 options for our party room.

    1-.Pizza party @ £6.75 per person, minimum of 8 children, 40 minutes in the party room.

    2- Non catering @ £50 for 50 minutes in the party room.

    Your activity cost is not included in the above cost and should be booked to end on the hour so you can progress straight to party room when you have finished.

    Pizza party includes 1 x 9 inch pizza  with a choice of toppings(Cheese, Pepperoni or Ham & Pineapple) and unlimited squash per child.

    Our public opening times are kept up to date here:

    If in doubt, all activities can be booked in advance at 

    We are open to private education groups, corporate groups, youth groups outside of this time. 

    Education enquiries here:

    Corporate enquiries here:

    Youth group enquiries here:

    Christmas and Twilight tobogganing is sold out so we are unable to rearrange your session outside of your booked times.

    Frisbee golf or recreational snowsports

    We are likely to be able to change your start time at arrival as long as it is within our opening hours and on the same day.

    Private session
    We will start whenever you arrive but we are unlikely to be able to overrun.

    Individual spaces on a session

    We will do our best to fit you into the session at a point that does not disrupt it too much for other participants. If you are more than 10 minutes late, we're sorry but it is very unlikely we will be able to fit you into the session due to missing the safety and equipment briefing and kit up.

    Let us know you cannot make your session, or request an amendment: 

    Please email

    These terms are for activity bookings and may vary for large group bookings or accommodation bookings. Please check your confirmation email.

    In case of a cancellation or amendment of bookings the following rules apply:

    - Mendip reserves the right to cancel or alter any activity or event due to circumstances beyond our control. In the event of cancellation, an alternative date will be arranged.

    - If you need to cancel or rearrange your booking with more than 48 hours notice then we will create a gift voucher to the value of the booking (less a £5 administration charge) which will be valid for 12 months for any of our activities.

    - If you have to cancel within 48 hours of your booking regrettably we can not offer any credit or rearrange your booking.

    - For any cancellation made with less than 48 hours until your booking, due to medical reasons supported by official documentation, a credit will be applied to your account for you to rebook another time.

    - N.B. the term 'booking' shall be taken to mean any session, course or event arranged by Mendip.